Geotechnical Engineering

Geotechnical Engineering Services

Our comprehensive geotechnical field investigative and laboratory testing services provide site analytics and characterization from which we are able to develop geotechnical recommendations for the implementation of a wide range of infrastructure and building designs. HTS specializes in providing Geotechnical Engineering Services in the following areas:

  • Subsurface Exploration
  • Site Selection and Feasibility Studies
  • Shallow and Deep Foundation Design
  • Slope Stability Assessments and Stabilization Recommendations
  • Seepage Analysis Design 
  • Erosion Control Implementation
  • Earth Retention Structural Design
  • Pavement Design Analysis
  • Bridge Foundation Design Analysis
  • Soil Embankment Studies 
  • Material Selection
  • Site Preparation and Construction Recommendations
  • Excavation and Dewatering Services
  • Ground Stabilization Recommendations
  • Mooring Structure Design
  • Storage Tank Foundation Design
  • Supervision during Foundation Installation and Construction
  • Pile Driveability Analysis
  • Third Party Design Review